Friday, May 2, 2008

Determination-cultivating an educated society.

Extremely recently I was at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN to attend political rally.
I met with and conversed with many smart people, including reporters and media personnel, as well as NationState security, local law enforcement and event staff.
The event was well organized and operations of the facility were handled as could be expected.
But what do we really expect?
I mean, when we head on over the local "coliseum" and attend an event, is it similar to the same experience as other humans in other countries? Is it always so different? Are there places where events are secured and operated in similar ways?
We are secure here in the United States.
Why are we secure?
What foreign policies ensure our safety?
Why do we have policies that promote political diplomacy?
Who should we have serve as representatives of that diplomatic policy?
Do we want to see diplomatic policy, or diplomacy, in our local governments as well?
Do you know the endorsements of political figures in your area?

I think political organization and diplomacy are important parts of the way we run society.

I also think we can do more.

I think we need to contribute to an organization that will provide spiritual and moral support to the very fiber of our societal structure. I feel this organization has to work independently of the political process.

This organization is education. It is a fund. You are the chief operating officers.

We will benefit from "cultivating a society determined to be educated." (

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