Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Connected interpersonal relationships affect friendships

it happens sometimes. i get caught up in the way other ppl act and it affects the way i respond to situations, especially with my friends... its not that i blame them or me it's just that when i realize my behavior has been negatively affected by one relationship and it has then altered other relationships, it frustrates me because i feel stupid for not seeing it sooner, and being the way it was when it was all just a little bit stupid, back before it got way stupid.
However, tomorrow is another day, and the feelings of satisfaction I get from knowing I will do better keep me smiling.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

connected data and technology

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who can we the interest of, Jesse's view.

I have been talking about twitter and the limitations on who i can follow:

Dear Twitter:

I Love You! ;) You decided to let me follow people! That is exceptionally wonderful!

I've been talking about finance.

Start now. there is no time left? "Time is running out," as quoted by the nation.

Executive management of our assets is under scrutiny.

I hope this message is read as it is intended to be written, however, it will only be determined. Do you understand? This message will conclude based upon and validated by the way you intend it to be concluded and exactly how you perform is going to be viewed by the entire world.


I will guide you. The us uncategorized will guide you. These organizations need to contact me.//insert text//

Friday, May 2, 2008

Determination-cultivating an educated society.

Extremely recently I was at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN to attend political rally.
I met with and conversed with many smart people, including reporters and media personnel, as well as NationState security, local law enforcement and event staff.
The event was well organized and operations of the facility were handled as could be expected.
But what do we really expect?
I mean, when we head on over the local "coliseum" and attend an event, is it similar to the same experience as other humans in other countries? Is it always so different? Are there places where events are secured and operated in similar ways?
We are secure here in the United States.
Why are we secure?
What foreign policies ensure our safety?
Why do we have policies that promote political diplomacy?
Who should we have serve as representatives of that diplomatic policy?
Do we want to see diplomatic policy, or diplomacy, in our local governments as well?
Do you know the endorsements of political figures in your area?

I think political organization and diplomacy are important parts of the way we run society.

I also think we can do more.

I think we need to contribute to an organization that will provide spiritual and moral support to the very fiber of our societal structure. I feel this organization has to work independently of the political process.

This organization is education. It is a fund. You are the chief operating officers.

We will benefit from "cultivating a society determined to be educated." (

How popular is @guykawasaki?

Thanks for stopping by…be sure to visit the new posts up at: also...over on

So how popular is @guykawasaki:

@guykawasaki, a noted twitter user and accepted tech and start up guy, has become quite the celebrity.
Older posts discuss and and the other assorted affairs of Guy, including some from SXSW, in 2008.
I suppose I’m making him popular just this instance, even, but I’m sure he’d do fine without me, so here’s to the ultimate means, anyways (never mind what that just said, just keep reading…)

natewhitehill : @guykawasaki I am one of those pending friend requests... ;) << (2008-04-08 01:49:22)

korf420 : @guykawasaki - great stuff! evangelizing shall commence.

carey1216 : can now fully appreciate the aggregation benefits of it was that did it. thanks @guykawasaki << (2008-04-07 20:08:23)

ikeif : @guykawasaki see what happens when you're popular? << (2008-04-08 08:39:00)

akagorilla : Facebook just told me that @guykawasaki has too many friends. << (2008-04-
07 21:41:43)

Well, there you have it…
Remember to visit the article on @AnnBernard’s quote at

Saturday, March 29, 2008

the reality of a burgeoning crisis

Hey friends, so like, what the muck is goin’ on with this whole housing thing an all the foreclosures, bailouts, fed rate cuts and this whole entire economic mess going down now…
Oh man, you know…it’s like, a complicated thing…but really, some of it’s pretty simple.
Yeah, tell me some more…explain it in real terms that I can understand…
Alright, well…

Hey here’s a good idea…let’s offer a bunch of protections and bailouts for the large banks and lenders (wholesale financial institutions) and really stick it to the self-employed worker in the meantime.
Hey, but, wait…wouldn’t that kinda undermine the economy, I mean, hasn’t it become a tenant of domestic business that we encourage entrepreneurial endeavors…and aren’t those run by the self-employed, for the most part?

So, I mean, if we bailout the big wholesale financial institutions and encourage, even dare I say, reward, shoddy executive control over the larger wholesale financial institutions, without passing that support and protection on to the self-employed, along with the rest of the general population, isn’t that going to compound the economic problems we already have?
Whose bright idea is this again? What…Senators? Really…hmmm…oh, The House, too? Even the Federal Reserve? Don’t worry, I’m going to get to who is at fault, it will become apparent, as well as to indicate a method for correction. But let me first wipe out party politics. The majority of this mess stems from legislation signed by President Clinton, and the pure ignorance and inability to manage this country from the Bush administration…but even those facts do not tell who is at fault.

Anyway…what should we be doing about it, especially if we are self-employed, or work as contractors, or work in businesses that rely on contractors and the self-employed?

Ok. I’ll blog it…Ok, I’ll include links to contact legislators.
file a report at the federal reserve portal

So what you’re sayin’ is that we (the people) have a right and responsibility to make Washington aware of the fact that we see what’s going down, and that due to this public awareness, we insist on holding them accountable to their constituencies (the people). So in other words, we (the people) can actually make government work by being involved and demanding transparency and equitable action from our elected officials?

So…really, though, I mean…domestic business isn’t really all that tied to self-employment and sub contracting is it? Oh really…wow…I guess I wasn’t watching while most of the manufacturing and low-wage jobs (hourly jobs) were being outsourced and shipped overseas…hmmm! So yeah, basically, right…I guess, really, in order to keep our economy from collapse, since we ARE so reliant on high-tech businesses in the US, which includes a large number of self-employed and sub contractors, we really do need to watch this issue…amazing!
Thanks for the input…

I, as an entrepreneur and self-employed person, was getting a little worried about the fact that I seem to be being bankrupted by my lenders (two of the biggest wholesale financial institutions) as they constrict my working capital to a point where my business cannot sustain itself (and yet they still expect me to cover their interest rates at what, like…nearly ten times prime, aka “onerously high rates”) while they are being bailed out and handed big government concessions to protect their business interests, which are primarily in peril due to their own mismanagement anyway (giving even the best benefit of the doubt, many would argue it’s completely intentional wrangling of the system, but conspiracy isn’t necessarily the real issue even if it is occurring).
I mean, I was beginning to be like…what’s going on around here? Ok ok…in some cases it wasn’t mismanagement, you’re right, it does seem to be due to just plain old unethical business practices…lying, cheating, “predatory lending,” as they call it in banking…wow. But it’s not just banking and homeowners who are at risk here, folks…the entire economy is in danger of collapse if things are let go…

I’m not trying to scare you or go all doomsday on ya here but listen…this is for real. Realize what I’m talking about here…BANKING=MONEY.

C’mon people…if you don’t think that a full scale 1930’s styled depression is an issue you don’t want to have to deal with, that’s great, that means you are so well off and protected that economic collapse can’t affect you. I’m wonderfully happy for you that you are isolated…but for the most of us, for the general public (and that’s most of us) with car payments and house payments and tuition and medical expenses and insurance and rent to pay and kids to feed, and all of that…economic collapse, another great depression, or anything close to it is NOT gonna be ok. It’s not even close to being ok with me.

Oh, the basis for my viewpoint? Well…it’s just me…yeah…well, you see, I’m right in the middle of it…and I’ve been watching it develop and unfold as we go along here…I am a developer and business owner who uses my capital and credit wisely but that has not insulated me from this crisis. Trust me here, I know what I’m talking about. I have regular talks with Bank of America executives and with the office of the chief officer of (formerly) Household Finance (now one of the HSBC silos).

You see, from time to time, information gets leaked by individuals who don’t want to lose their jobs, but can’t just sit back and watch this all go down (mostly moral reasons for leaks)…and I take that information and bring it to you…that way, nobody loses their job…yet you, as a reader, get to be informed…

There have been a few interesting stories, haven’t there…here are some links…
Oregonian releases JPM/Chase memo
Clinton promotes plan to freeze foreclosures
NYT reports cuts in December '07 (4.25%)
Forbes reports March ’08 rates at 2.25%
NYT: fed acts to rescue financial markets
NYT reports affluent ensnared in current housing crisis
The big-ass bailout...
housing...banking...big mess
Senate says Closed White House Meeting on Small Business Economy: Too Little, Too Late
Senate Statement: Federal Reserve Bank/SBA data shows home mortgage crisis spreading
A little cartoon for a humorous explanation in non-BS language

Fed Trims Rates Sharply, Sending the Markets Up
Bernanke unleashes…“a blizzard of emergency loan programs for cash-short banks and investment firms.” –

Here’s the deal…
If you take an agreement (to repay a loan at a certain interest rate) that held up in a bubble market, and refuse to restructure that agreement in a recessed market, as a large wholesale financial institution (keep in mind corporation’s deals are being restructured, in essence, by the federal reserve), what you are doing is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

How can I easily relate this…
Big fish can’t eat ALL the little fish up at once, or big fish will not be able to eat. Get it? It’s like, rotting from the head down…it’s all too true, and when it happens, guess what…it’s a lose lose situation.

So for yourself, should you care, really? Well, ask yourself…do I want to see millions of Americans resorting to collecting garbage in order to eat and survive like I see in the news from countries in the “third world?” Am I really insulated enough to sit by and watch economic collapse and financial ruin (on a national scale), or would that probably be likely to affect me as well?

Here are some problems…
Kneejerk reactions…compounding already difficult issues.
Corporate responsibility deficient because shareholders are not holding executives accountable.
Governmental mismanagement due to government being too strongly tied to corporate and religious interests.
Government oversight malignant because constituency is not holding Government accountable.

We’ve been conditioned in a mass effort by an elite group to think, feel and act as though holding Government and industry accountable is somehow stigmatized in a negative way, so that action is somehow viewed as a negative form of involvement, when, in reality, it is not only not negative, but essential for Government to function properly.

It’s a case of years of the same old thing…it’s build up…let’s look at an example. For instance, if you never once do the dishes in your home, what happens? Things get messy, right? Sure, and, also, it’s a lot harder to clean up than if you do those dishes on a regular basis. The same principles, on a much larger, and therefore more intricate and harder to remedy scale, apply to mismanagement. When we let things go, things get out of control. When things get out of control, we feel incapable of turning things around. Not true! We must simply work a bit harder, a bit longer, and be a bit more diligent. Nonetheless, we must turn things around.

Government has, I believe inadvertently, but nonetheless effectively, cut off its nose to spite its face.

What can solve this problem (the problem(s) that could lead to total collapse of our way of life, I might add) is that Government can admit that it has, inadvertently, caused the will of the people, which would naturally tend to adjust to suit the people in the most beneficial manner (we are built to survive, people…it’s not that we won’t survive, but only how well we’ll do it), to become secondary to the interests of industry and religion, which, in turn, has eliminated the necessary involvement of the people.

I hate hate hate to say this, because it will alienate some of you, but, we must remove corporate and religious control from Government.

NO, of course we don’t want to see religion (considering religion as a metaphor for the principles of ethics and morality) abandoned. Of course not. But yes, allowing special interests to run rampant in conjunction with mediocre and lackadaisical public involvement may very well cause Government to fail to operate to such a degree that we could see, worldwide, hugely negative impact. Even worse, it could be right in the backyard you used to have before the bank foreclosed on you.

Can you imagine the new, “honey, I’m off to the landfill to get dinner” weight control diet?
Do you want to?
Yeah, it’s like that…I didn’t think so…and you know what? Neither do I.
But listen, it’s not ok to allow the large lenders to be bailed out unless they are going to follow through and restructure loans (even to the self-employed!) to the consumers. If government is not functioning correctly, the people are to blame. We must ensure Government functions effectively in protecting the people from the inherent risks of capitalism. There must be effective oversight of Government by the people.

Further, I would like to point out that in past times of crisis the CRA’s have come under scrutiny for the role they play in brokering the worth of individuals. Demand, using the links above, that your representatives are sure to investigate the role of the CRA’s as we attempt to negotiate the treacherous financial waters of global economy, starting right here, domestically, right now.
It could be that a third party may have to be installed to manage corporate responsibility directly until the crisis is over. It could require legislation, mandate or referendum in order to execute a remedy for this crisis. While freezing all foreclosures seems like it would compound the problem by derailing an already fragile system (even a barely working system is still working and any transitions from barely working systems must be made even more cautiously than from healthy systems!), and I do not agree with that particular approach, but any mandate that is good for business should be acceptable by business, because, well…duh, because it’s good for business, by definition.

From New York Times writers, we see that while government has provided bailouts and protections to wholesale lending institutions, those institutions, especially in my particular case, have not passed “incentives to refinance mortgages carrying onerously high interest rates” on to the consumer.

As it effects our entire economy and therefore our nation as a whole, we the people must react in unified fashion to insist that our legislators and policy makers provide adequate oversight and protection for our way of life.

honestly truthful epiphany demonstrates factual reality #sixwords

Monday, March 17, 2008

editorial dramatics continued from "elitism" saga

There's been a few messages...requests for email...
a few people have named names-some of us have exchanged ideas...
most simply things aren't that complicated.
different perspectives must acknowledge a reference and then use that established point to determine a solution, middle ground.
AOL Time Warner and the's better just to post a series of tweets.
I can help you. Ask me, please.
@geekmommy's blog, at @andrewbadera's blog, and @chrisbrogan's blog, and...even at, and of course, on twitter/tweetscan -0.00- that's what that's like...
I offer no words to ask you to change. You will change as you see fit. I can encourage you and I can assist you.
Your services may be required of you, and that Copr. 2008-2033 Jesse Daniel.
Love denial, love those that talk like they know more than they know they do, and all whenever you already know everything.
You're mind spins, and bumps appear.
@theunited heard from those that should be listened do, didn't you?
more to come...more to come...more to come...category five-category levels requested for innate determination. Grab, scratch, claw, grasp, gain, grip, grapple.
Give your projects to me-and to thee they shall cast no more pain?
Give requires concession. Learn. I will teach and assist you.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

March, 2008 <> Jesse Loop
twitter elitist papers -from the files of freedom of expression
Many of you have probably heard about twitter "automatically," supposedly, shutting down the account of twitter user @foulbastard. If you haven't, I suggest you first head over to @chrisbrogan's blog and check out the post and comments there, as it provides the backstory for this little personal rant of mine...

Basically, it turned into this:
jesatiu : @andrewbadera I'm sorry-i definitely don't think you will make it on you have an open mind and consider others' ideas. << (2008-03-15 22:16:18)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera warning: i'm about to go off...and...i plan on directing it all at you cause i know you'll appreciate it. therefore: (donc:) << (2008-03-16 13:30:34)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera elitism bites. i'm seeing a trend in a certain few twitterers that reminds me of a high school clique who exclude others. << (2008-03-16 13:32:01)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera these folks seem to believe that only those who share their conservative and religious beliefs should benefit from twitter. << (2008-03-16 13:32:44)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera rather than embrace the open exchange of ideas, discourse and discussion, they attempt to bannish those who challenge thought. << (2008-03-16 13:33:59)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera this group is willing to [ignore] the positive qualities of the larger group by labelling us as sexists, crudes, or similar. << (2008-03-16 13:35:55)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera personally, i'm much more feminist than sexist, and I would probably just blow the whole thing off, but.... << (2008-03-16 13:36:21)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera this group has a common bond that is breast cancer awareness, something personal to me. Their upsetting. << (2008-03-16 13:38:05)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera As it comes across as representing all those involved with twitter who have strong emotions about the fight to eliminate BC. << (2008-03-16 13:38:58)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera SO, folks of twitter, do not allow that few to lead you to believe we are all as shallow and elitist as they seem to be. << (2008-03-16 13:40:46)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera i can tweetscan you and me and post it all as a blog...peace and enlightenment to you on this fine day, good sir. << (2008-03-16 13:41:36)

Now, as you can imagine, I caught some real flack for this tyrade:
scottsigler : @jesatiu: I would have read your last Tweet, but I'm too horribly important and popular to bother ... << (2008-03-16 13:33:04)

LillyGirl : @jesatiu completely agree with you! Don't hold back! << (2008-03-16 13:34:09)

jpostman : @jesatiu agree with you about the elitism, quite ironic given the so called participatory nature of social media << (2008-03-16 13:38:52)

AndrewBadera : @jesatiu wow! you know, you're not the first person to mention what I believe would be that precisely same group today ;) << (2008-03-16 13:52:45)

AndrewBadera : @jesatiu definition of hypocritical: snub a community, then expect a heartfelt outpouring of support. << (2008-03-16 13:53:03)

jpostman : @jesatiu God bless you, man << (2008-03-16 13:53:26)

AndrewBadera : @jesatiu it's amazing what a dose of selfishness does for one's perspective. and how easily they frame it as charitable. << (2008-03-16 13:53:28)

So with all that, given the majority of comments on @chrisbrogan's FoulB post are in support of freedom of expression, we conclude that @AndrewBadera has the final, and correct, word:
AndrewBadera : @jesatiu fortunately I believe the overwhelming majority of Tweeple are kind, intelligent, open hearted and open minded sorts :) << (2008-03-16 13:54:48)

If you fall into that group, or even if you think you might, keep in mind, you are not the majority. Peace and enlightenment to you on this fine day.

Earlier in March: / guy kawasaki / Arrington's Techcrunch posts / expectations
Regarding the ill-fated, posted, pulled, then reposted article blasting on, editor Michael Arrington is quoted as saying:
TechCrunch : calm down everyone. don't start a twitter mob over this << (2008-03-11 13:19:53)

I'd been twittering about it already, though...
jesatiu : ugh that sounds like something @guykawasaki would come up with (hehe, shameless plugs for GK...) << (2008-03-11 17:53:25)

-- DM messages from @jesatiu's twitter inbox, regarding the current discussion of Arrington's comments about

Photo_130_normal caffination as for Guy you can't go wrong with someone that passionate, he means everything he says and thats rare in this buisness 12:13 AM March 12, 2008 reply

Photo_130_normal caffination I think alltop is a neat web app for finding good stuff to read, truemors is alright still finding its way as a news source 12:13 AM March 12, 2008 reply

Photo_130_normal caffination As for real journalists, i don't think there are any fake ones. I'd like to see more news thats breaking and less that's rehashed maybe 12:20 AM March 12, 2008 reply

-- DM's sent by me to Mr. Muller (@caffination) regarding my comments re: "real" journalists, which was to say, not ordinary bloggers but trained professionals who have the means to create quality articles of interest... In order to stress my point that not all "journalists" are real journalists, we discussed the current state of plagiarism...but that's basically a side note...keep reading...

Sent by me to:

Photo_130_normalcaffination can i quote you on that? and also, would you like to see deeper articles by "real" journalists on 12:19 AM March 12, 2008 reply
Photo_130_normal caffination well i was in mid sentence about jayson blair and Tim Goeglein and journalism but i sent you one half which i now don't see so...sigh... 12:35 AM March 12, 2008 reply

9460511b_normal mayobrains P.T. Barnum: "the only bad publicity is no publicity." about 23 hours ago reply

So...does anyone out there like well...let's see what we can pull from a quick tweetscan --

Gauravonomics : @GuyKawasaki I'm a big fan of With too much content, filters become the key & I can't think of a better filter than you :D << (2008-03-13 02:31:34)
jchutchins : @guykawasaki Seconding the cool execution (and further potential) of Alltop. Also, great meeting you at SXSW. << (2008-03-13 00:06:45)

saraheye : @guykawasaki . i <3 href="" onmousedown="return touch(this.href,0)" style="color: #00aa00;" target="replies">i heart (2008-03-12 23:50:44)

leahjones : @anniemal what the hell am i doing on alltop? I'm not a star, but I'll accept the compliment. << (2008-03-12 19:26:15)

ALXtreme : @robinb oh awesome about the! its like we are a big deal now ha! << (2008-03-12 19:00:27)

CalebJenkins : @guykawasaki yeah.. that's always the case :-) btw. I'm rly liking - great job! << (2008-03-12 18:15:34)

This could go on and on and on, but...for the sake of argument, let's have a look at the other side:

Alltop is Horrible

Alltop, Guy Kawasaki’s news aggregation website that recently launched, well, is terrible. I spent just a few minutes taking a look at it for the purposes of this blog post and was incredibly bored. It offers almost nothing unique and is 5 years behind it’s time. Many other websites, such as popurls (which is cites as inspiration) offer basically the same thing. In fact, you can go to Google News and see top news or just make a newsvine page.
Did I miss something?
Anyone actually like Alltop? (Guy, I really like you man, you have some awesome websites out there, but this one came up way short).
Posted in Random by drigotti on March 12, 2008.

Ok, in examination of "random's" viewpoint, let's look at just one simple line here...

"...or just make a newsvine page..."
Huh? do a what now? make? um...
Listen: here's the issue... is a free service for folks who don't want to or know how to make a page doing who knows what and then end up having to sort thru it all to find decent bloggers with decent and relevant sites... comes with an already made thingamajiggy (aka an aggregator), done for ya! And, on top, or is it, on alltop of that, it has an editor...
Guy by the name of Guy...get's pretty good reviews, we've seen above...

But, don't take my word for it, pick an interest of yours,, wine, cars, (pretty much anything but tech, because, as noted above, is in a genre of news aggregating webservices (um, you mean it's like the wire service broken into specific categories? Yes, that's what I's like a user friendly wire service; sure, not a new wheel, but a simpler, easier, nicer wheel...), and to avoid taking market share from the aforementioned site, a leader in this genre, Guy says, in response to a article (one which also asks if Guy is ripping off

Guy Kawasaki
February 8th, 2008 at 4:10 pm
The reason there is no Tech topic is that we respect what popurls has done and do not want to compete with our friend Thomas Marban. I realize this is a difficult concept for many TC readers to grasp.

So how in the heck are we to sum all of this up:::

jesatiu : BOO michael arrington. Dude, i didn't like your Rose interview, and now, this is blatant name-dropping controversially-oriented self-pub. << (2008-03-11 21:40:08)

jesatiu : @mukund u and arrington are payin for a honda and expecting a testa rosa. think about it. << (2008-03-11 22:32:53)

This service works wonders as a free service...don't be surprised if Guy's goal of reaching a mil annual ad revenue for his $10,000.00 (which included 6k for "airs as gifts for the designers") original outlay surpasses his expectations...
Also, with the popularity of growing rapidly, don't be surprised to see a newer version, with a yet-to-be-released highly secretive feature...

Anyway...check it out for yourself, see if, like for millions of others like you, it's for you or not...and...just in case you are wondering how Guy is taking all the controversy from Arrington's article...

guykawasaki : @astrout If Arrington had said it's "the worst website ever," it would have been even better. << (2008-03-11 16:24:26)

guykawasaki : @JasonFalls It's my pleasure. Quality rises to the top, right? Pls tell your readers though Alltop is a piece o crap per TechCrunch :-) << (2008-03-12 12:58:40)

guykawasaki : Allop loses to Google. I'll take that! << (2008-02-19 11:26:06)

I guess he's gonna make it through, somehow...Arrington, you may wanna have that green tint you're sporting looked at...

Earlier in March....
#sxsw tags align to create conditional wealth...

#sxsw coverage continues with two distinct positive reports, at least one kudos on registration process, and a blockbuster failure...
shelisrael boasts on both the solid-ness of twitter throughout #sxsw and Jenkins' engagement

Article on
social media ethics (with comments by yours truly) in the business and marketing of web 2.0 hits home prior to @guykawaski and @pistachio #sxsw engagement...A complement to link from wired about The Myth of the 'Transparent Society' from Bruce Schneier...

article blasts Zuckerberg keynote, citing audience revolt against marketing-style "interview" format by "author and journalist Sarah Lacy."the author (me) says that this is not journalism. References this author's comments on @jpostman's ethics article...
RealtorToby : Joel Postman has a great article on values and how they don't change online. (via @jesatiu ) << (2008-03-09 22:27:01)

Kathy Sierra reviews from thoroughly positive...
McKibbon reviews also in:
TWalk : McKibben: "The only hope for doing this is politically." << (2008-03-10 17:24:25)

TWalk : Thing is, McKibben is good-humored and very smart, but he's almost charismatic in an anti-charismatic way. A geek who cares. << (2008-03-10 17:24:02)

TWalk : McKibben: "It does not take 51% of people to get something done." Five percent is enough, or 1% as in Civil Rights movement. << (2008-03-10 17:21:57)

madeleinep77 : another awesome mckibben quote, "don't screw in a new lightbulb, screw in a new senator." << (2008-03-10 17:21:19)
madeleinep77 : loose statistic from mckibben: an avatar on second life probably consumes as much power as a human being in sub-saharan africa. interesting. << (2008-03-10 17:19:04)

vdebolt : McKibben wants help spreading the word on carbon. << (2008-03-10 17:08:41)

etalerman : Bill McKibben talks at SXSW about how to use our collective human energy to speed bahavior change to slow climate change. << (2008-03-10 16:46:24)

TWalk : McKibben: "In an emergency, you use the tools you have to hand." << (2008-03-10 17:19:01)

jonl : Plutopia is happening next Monday at 6pm featuring Bill McKibben, Heather Gold, Carl Stone, David Demaris, etc. - a SXSW Interactive eve ... << (2008-03-03 15:49:22)

"SXSWi: Obey the power of the flash-mob party,"
Reads a affiliate blog headline posted by Caroline McCarthy

"CNET's Caroline McCarthy is a downtown Manhattanite who believes that, despite popular opinion, the Web can actually help your social life." Vaynerchuk and friends, Frank Gruber and Brian Solis, had shipped in seven cases of wine: "[I]t was one of those great, unexpected parties where nobody was getting turned away at the door, everybody seemed to know everybody, and everyone was having a fantastic time..." according to McCarthy, who's article begins by stating, "AUSTIN, Texas--'Dude, this sucks.'"

Other current
jpostman : @dgtlpapercuts awesome, @jesatiu sent me a link to twitterscan and I saw you had successfully pitched a social media newsroom. << (2008-03-09 23:48:07)

Seeking experienced book publishing editor. contact @jesatiu.

Working to develop small-share peer-to-peer real estate opportunities to allow everyday people to profit from thoughtful development.
Email: an event for twitter users to connect in #indianapolis...
using @theunited experience.

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