Monday, March 17, 2008

editorial dramatics continued from "elitism" saga

There's been a few messages...requests for email...
a few people have named names-some of us have exchanged ideas...
most simply things aren't that complicated.
different perspectives must acknowledge a reference and then use that established point to determine a solution, middle ground.
AOL Time Warner and the's better just to post a series of tweets.
I can help you. Ask me, please.
@geekmommy's blog, at @andrewbadera's blog, and @chrisbrogan's blog, and...even at, and of course, on twitter/tweetscan -0.00- that's what that's like...
I offer no words to ask you to change. You will change as you see fit. I can encourage you and I can assist you.
Your services may be required of you, and that Copr. 2008-2033 Jesse Daniel.
Love denial, love those that talk like they know more than they know they do, and all whenever you already know everything.
You're mind spins, and bumps appear.
@theunited heard from those that should be listened do, didn't you?
more to come...more to come...more to come...category five-category levels requested for innate determination. Grab, scratch, claw, grasp, gain, grip, grapple.
Give your projects to me-and to thee they shall cast no more pain?
Give requires concession. Learn. I will teach and assist you.

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