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twitter elitist papers -from the files of freedom of expression
Many of you have probably heard about twitter "automatically," supposedly, shutting down the account of twitter user @foulbastard. If you haven't, I suggest you first head over to @chrisbrogan's blog and check out the post and comments there, as it provides the backstory for this little personal rant of mine...

Basically, it turned into this:
jesatiu : @andrewbadera I'm sorry-i definitely don't think you will make it on you have an open mind and consider others' ideas. << (2008-03-15 22:16:18)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera warning: i'm about to go off...and...i plan on directing it all at you cause i know you'll appreciate it. therefore: (donc:) << (2008-03-16 13:30:34)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera elitism bites. i'm seeing a trend in a certain few twitterers that reminds me of a high school clique who exclude others. << (2008-03-16 13:32:01)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera these folks seem to believe that only those who share their conservative and religious beliefs should benefit from twitter. << (2008-03-16 13:32:44)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera rather than embrace the open exchange of ideas, discourse and discussion, they attempt to bannish those who challenge thought. << (2008-03-16 13:33:59)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera this group is willing to [ignore] the positive qualities of the larger group by labelling us as sexists, crudes, or similar. << (2008-03-16 13:35:55)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera personally, i'm much more feminist than sexist, and I would probably just blow the whole thing off, but.... << (2008-03-16 13:36:21)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera this group has a common bond that is breast cancer awareness, something personal to me. Their upsetting. << (2008-03-16 13:38:05)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera As it comes across as representing all those involved with twitter who have strong emotions about the fight to eliminate BC. << (2008-03-16 13:38:58)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera SO, folks of twitter, do not allow that few to lead you to believe we are all as shallow and elitist as they seem to be. << (2008-03-16 13:40:46)

jesatiu : @AndrewBadera i can tweetscan you and me and post it all as a blog...peace and enlightenment to you on this fine day, good sir. << (2008-03-16 13:41:36)

Now, as you can imagine, I caught some real flack for this tyrade:
scottsigler : @jesatiu: I would have read your last Tweet, but I'm too horribly important and popular to bother ... << (2008-03-16 13:33:04)

LillyGirl : @jesatiu completely agree with you! Don't hold back! << (2008-03-16 13:34:09)

jpostman : @jesatiu agree with you about the elitism, quite ironic given the so called participatory nature of social media << (2008-03-16 13:38:52)

AndrewBadera : @jesatiu wow! you know, you're not the first person to mention what I believe would be that precisely same group today ;) << (2008-03-16 13:52:45)

AndrewBadera : @jesatiu definition of hypocritical: snub a community, then expect a heartfelt outpouring of support. << (2008-03-16 13:53:03)

jpostman : @jesatiu God bless you, man << (2008-03-16 13:53:26)

AndrewBadera : @jesatiu it's amazing what a dose of selfishness does for one's perspective. and how easily they frame it as charitable. << (2008-03-16 13:53:28)

So with all that, given the majority of comments on @chrisbrogan's FoulB post are in support of freedom of expression, we conclude that @AndrewBadera has the final, and correct, word:
AndrewBadera : @jesatiu fortunately I believe the overwhelming majority of Tweeple are kind, intelligent, open hearted and open minded sorts :) << (2008-03-16 13:54:48)

If you fall into that group, or even if you think you might, keep in mind, you are not the majority. Peace and enlightenment to you on this fine day.

Earlier in March: / guy kawasaki / Arrington's Techcrunch posts / expectations
Regarding the ill-fated, posted, pulled, then reposted article blasting on, editor Michael Arrington is quoted as saying:
TechCrunch : calm down everyone. don't start a twitter mob over this << (2008-03-11 13:19:53)

I'd been twittering about it already, though...
jesatiu : ugh that sounds like something @guykawasaki would come up with (hehe, shameless plugs for GK...) << (2008-03-11 17:53:25)

-- DM messages from @jesatiu's twitter inbox, regarding the current discussion of Arrington's comments about

Photo_130_normal caffination as for Guy you can't go wrong with someone that passionate, he means everything he says and thats rare in this buisness 12:13 AM March 12, 2008 reply

Photo_130_normal caffination I think alltop is a neat web app for finding good stuff to read, truemors is alright still finding its way as a news source 12:13 AM March 12, 2008 reply

Photo_130_normal caffination As for real journalists, i don't think there are any fake ones. I'd like to see more news thats breaking and less that's rehashed maybe 12:20 AM March 12, 2008 reply

-- DM's sent by me to Mr. Muller (@caffination) regarding my comments re: "real" journalists, which was to say, not ordinary bloggers but trained professionals who have the means to create quality articles of interest... In order to stress my point that not all "journalists" are real journalists, we discussed the current state of plagiarism...but that's basically a side note...keep reading...

Sent by me to:

Photo_130_normalcaffination can i quote you on that? and also, would you like to see deeper articles by "real" journalists on 12:19 AM March 12, 2008 reply
Photo_130_normal caffination well i was in mid sentence about jayson blair and Tim Goeglein and journalism but i sent you one half which i now don't see so...sigh... 12:35 AM March 12, 2008 reply

9460511b_normal mayobrains P.T. Barnum: "the only bad publicity is no publicity." about 23 hours ago reply

So...does anyone out there like well...let's see what we can pull from a quick tweetscan --

Gauravonomics : @GuyKawasaki I'm a big fan of With too much content, filters become the key & I can't think of a better filter than you :D << (2008-03-13 02:31:34)
jchutchins : @guykawasaki Seconding the cool execution (and further potential) of Alltop. Also, great meeting you at SXSW. << (2008-03-13 00:06:45)

saraheye : @guykawasaki . i <3 href="" onmousedown="return touch(this.href,0)" style="color: #00aa00;" target="replies">i heart (2008-03-12 23:50:44)

leahjones : @anniemal what the hell am i doing on alltop? I'm not a star, but I'll accept the compliment. << (2008-03-12 19:26:15)

ALXtreme : @robinb oh awesome about the! its like we are a big deal now ha! << (2008-03-12 19:00:27)

CalebJenkins : @guykawasaki yeah.. that's always the case :-) btw. I'm rly liking - great job! << (2008-03-12 18:15:34)

This could go on and on and on, but...for the sake of argument, let's have a look at the other side:

Alltop is Horrible

Alltop, Guy Kawasaki’s news aggregation website that recently launched, well, is terrible. I spent just a few minutes taking a look at it for the purposes of this blog post and was incredibly bored. It offers almost nothing unique and is 5 years behind it’s time. Many other websites, such as popurls (which is cites as inspiration) offer basically the same thing. In fact, you can go to Google News and see top news or just make a newsvine page.
Did I miss something?
Anyone actually like Alltop? (Guy, I really like you man, you have some awesome websites out there, but this one came up way short).
Posted in Random by drigotti on March 12, 2008.

Ok, in examination of "random's" viewpoint, let's look at just one simple line here...

"...or just make a newsvine page..."
Huh? do a what now? make? um...
Listen: here's the issue... is a free service for folks who don't want to or know how to make a page doing who knows what and then end up having to sort thru it all to find decent bloggers with decent and relevant sites... comes with an already made thingamajiggy (aka an aggregator), done for ya! And, on top, or is it, on alltop of that, it has an editor...
Guy by the name of Guy...get's pretty good reviews, we've seen above...

But, don't take my word for it, pick an interest of yours,, wine, cars, (pretty much anything but tech, because, as noted above, is in a genre of news aggregating webservices (um, you mean it's like the wire service broken into specific categories? Yes, that's what I's like a user friendly wire service; sure, not a new wheel, but a simpler, easier, nicer wheel...), and to avoid taking market share from the aforementioned site, a leader in this genre, Guy says, in response to a article (one which also asks if Guy is ripping off

Guy Kawasaki
February 8th, 2008 at 4:10 pm
The reason there is no Tech topic is that we respect what popurls has done and do not want to compete with our friend Thomas Marban. I realize this is a difficult concept for many TC readers to grasp.

So how in the heck are we to sum all of this up:::

jesatiu : BOO michael arrington. Dude, i didn't like your Rose interview, and now, this is blatant name-dropping controversially-oriented self-pub. << (2008-03-11 21:40:08)

jesatiu : @mukund u and arrington are payin for a honda and expecting a testa rosa. think about it. << (2008-03-11 22:32:53)

This service works wonders as a free service...don't be surprised if Guy's goal of reaching a mil annual ad revenue for his $10,000.00 (which included 6k for "airs as gifts for the designers") original outlay surpasses his expectations...
Also, with the popularity of growing rapidly, don't be surprised to see a newer version, with a yet-to-be-released highly secretive feature...

Anyway...check it out for yourself, see if, like for millions of others like you, it's for you or not...and...just in case you are wondering how Guy is taking all the controversy from Arrington's article...

guykawasaki : @astrout If Arrington had said it's "the worst website ever," it would have been even better. << (2008-03-11 16:24:26)

guykawasaki : @JasonFalls It's my pleasure. Quality rises to the top, right? Pls tell your readers though Alltop is a piece o crap per TechCrunch :-) << (2008-03-12 12:58:40)

guykawasaki : Allop loses to Google. I'll take that! << (2008-02-19 11:26:06)

I guess he's gonna make it through, somehow...Arrington, you may wanna have that green tint you're sporting looked at...

Earlier in March....
#sxsw tags align to create conditional wealth...

#sxsw coverage continues with two distinct positive reports, at least one kudos on registration process, and a blockbuster failure...
shelisrael boasts on both the solid-ness of twitter throughout #sxsw and Jenkins' engagement

Article on
social media ethics (with comments by yours truly) in the business and marketing of web 2.0 hits home prior to @guykawaski and @pistachio #sxsw engagement...A complement to link from wired about The Myth of the 'Transparent Society' from Bruce Schneier...

article blasts Zuckerberg keynote, citing audience revolt against marketing-style "interview" format by "author and journalist Sarah Lacy."the author (me) says that this is not journalism. References this author's comments on @jpostman's ethics article...
RealtorToby : Joel Postman has a great article on values and how they don't change online. (via @jesatiu ) << (2008-03-09 22:27:01)

Kathy Sierra reviews from thoroughly positive...
McKibbon reviews also in:
TWalk : McKibben: "The only hope for doing this is politically." << (2008-03-10 17:24:25)

TWalk : Thing is, McKibben is good-humored and very smart, but he's almost charismatic in an anti-charismatic way. A geek who cares. << (2008-03-10 17:24:02)

TWalk : McKibben: "It does not take 51% of people to get something done." Five percent is enough, or 1% as in Civil Rights movement. << (2008-03-10 17:21:57)

madeleinep77 : another awesome mckibben quote, "don't screw in a new lightbulb, screw in a new senator." << (2008-03-10 17:21:19)
madeleinep77 : loose statistic from mckibben: an avatar on second life probably consumes as much power as a human being in sub-saharan africa. interesting. << (2008-03-10 17:19:04)

vdebolt : McKibben wants help spreading the word on carbon. << (2008-03-10 17:08:41)

etalerman : Bill McKibben talks at SXSW about how to use our collective human energy to speed bahavior change to slow climate change. << (2008-03-10 16:46:24)

TWalk : McKibben: "In an emergency, you use the tools you have to hand." << (2008-03-10 17:19:01)

jonl : Plutopia is happening next Monday at 6pm featuring Bill McKibben, Heather Gold, Carl Stone, David Demaris, etc. - a SXSW Interactive eve ... << (2008-03-03 15:49:22)

"SXSWi: Obey the power of the flash-mob party,"
Reads a affiliate blog headline posted by Caroline McCarthy

"CNET's Caroline McCarthy is a downtown Manhattanite who believes that, despite popular opinion, the Web can actually help your social life." Vaynerchuk and friends, Frank Gruber and Brian Solis, had shipped in seven cases of wine: "[I]t was one of those great, unexpected parties where nobody was getting turned away at the door, everybody seemed to know everybody, and everyone was having a fantastic time..." according to McCarthy, who's article begins by stating, "AUSTIN, Texas--'Dude, this sucks.'"

Other current
jpostman : @dgtlpapercuts awesome, @jesatiu sent me a link to twitterscan and I saw you had successfully pitched a social media newsroom. << (2008-03-09 23:48:07)

Seeking experienced book publishing editor. contact @jesatiu.

Working to develop small-share peer-to-peer real estate opportunities to allow everyday people to profit from thoughtful development.
Email: an event for twitter users to connect in #indianapolis...
using @theunited experience.

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